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2012 Wedding Cake Trends: A Short Guide

When you’re looking forward to your wedding day, arrangements can seem to overshadow the joy. First you must book a location for the wedding and reception, select and send invitations, set up catering, choose a honeymoon destination and then there is the matter of what to wear! The last thing you need to worry about is the wedding cake. There is an infinite selection from which to choose, ranging from small and simple to gigantic and extravagant. Picking one can be a bit daunting. Hopefully, this list of the latest wedding cake trends for 2012 will help expedite the process.

Fruity Cakes

Fruit Flavored Wedding Cake

Varieties like carrot cake, orange chocolate, white chiffon with blackberry mousse and banana with a creme brûlée filling are hot flavors for wedding cake right now. These cakes are fresh, vibrant and alive with a complexity of decadent tastes that will have your guests talking for years. You can do no wrong with the popularity and versatility of fruit flavored wedding cakes.

Fancy Cakes

Fancy Wedding Cake


Opulent cakes with frilly designs and painstakingly hand-applied details have taken weddings by storm. Fancy cakes give an impression of regality and refinement and can make your wedding look like something from a princess fairy tale. Such cake designs have become more popular since the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

Simple Cakes

White Simple Wedding Cake

With the economy the way it is, many couples have begun choosing cakes that are simpler in design and easier on the budget. These cakes may be a single solid color and lack the numerous tiers of more showy cakes. Any detailing is often toned down and kept to uncomplicated features like ribbons and flowers. This option is ideal for couples who want to have a small wedding or one with a minimalist theme.

Artistic Cakes

Whimsical Wedding Cake

More frequently in the recent years, cakes with an artistic flare have been popping up at weddings. They usually employ bright colors combined with sharp angles, flowing curves or complex geometric details reminiscent of paintings in an art museum. Cakes with artistic edge are highly customizable and express the uniqueness and personality of the couple.

Au Naturale

Au Naturale Wedding Cake

Natural Wedding Cake

It may have been a side effect of the trendy green revolution, but wedding cakes that fit a natural theme have become wildly popular. They can range from simple to heavily detailed, but the main focus with these cakes is often flowers. Roses, tulips, peonies and daisies are common choices, and most icing colors are kept to pastels, whites and creams.

Cake Buffet

Wedding Cake Buffet

If you like multiple flavors but can’t decide on just one, there’s nobody saying that you can’t have one of each! Couples have started providing something for everyone’s tastes by ordering several single tier cakes of different flavors. This will give your guests the warm fuzzies inside and make them feel more like part of the wedding as opposed to spectators.

Your wedding is supposed to be a happy time, so don’t spend it stressing out over cake. Just take some ideas from this list and you’re sure to come up with the perfect cake for your special day!

Photo credits (Click Photos): Fruity by weddingbycolor.com; Fancy by Gloria Weddings; Simple by The Cake Girls; Artistic by Pink Cake Box; Au Naturale #1 by The Cake Girl #2 by Caryn’s Cakes; Cake buffet photo by B. Scott Photography

About the Author: Event planner Sylvia Carlton loves to embellish her themes with desserts from fabulous designers like Heather Barranco of Dreamcakes, a standout artist in the niche New York specialty cakes business.


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